Change the the aspect of you garden

The best advice would be to choose plants carefully for parts of the garden that feature more heavily in the shade or full sun. The Garden aspect is a crucial part of garden planning. The garden aspect is a crucial part of garden planning. It’s also essential if you’re designing your own garden to work out a consistent theme or feel for the garden.

As east-facing gardens get morning sun, plants that need sun will also need to be positioned where the most light falls in the morning. Garden Ninjas advice would be to plant them under a tree or somewhere with at least some shade then you can get the best out of them.

What is the aspect of a garden?

Whether north, south, east or west, the aspect affects the amount of light and warmth a garden gets from the sun. Depending on your local climate, different aspects will also receive more or less rainfall (for example, in the UK west or south-west facing slopes generally receive a higher rainfall). Depending on the aspect of your garden, the amount of sun and the amount of shade it receives will vary. The easiest way to work out your aspect is to stand by the outside wall at the back of your house with a compass and see which way is south.

So as you look at your garden the position you’re facing determines which direction your garden faces.

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