Landscaping Your Garden: A Step-by-Step Guide

Gardening projects should always be done before any plants are placed. Landscaping can involve a variety of elements, such as porches, sidewalks, driveways, parking areas, decks, fences, patios, and gazebos. These projects often involve construction, which can compact the soil or damage lawns and plantations. To avoid this, it is important to complete any heavy work before plantations begin.

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When landscaping your garden, it is important to consider the views beyond your patio. Strategically place trees to frame existing views or create new ones by adding a tree or group of trees as a focal point. Plant trees that provide shade in the summer and offer vibrant colors in the fall, such as dogwood, horse chestnut, or wild apple trees. Flower gardens and perimeter plantations are also great ways to add color to your garden.

Grow a row of flowering shrubs near a patio or terrace to enrich and enliven your outdoor experience. When planning your garden, think about who will use it and how it will be used. Will children use it? Do you have pets? Are you hoping to use your patio for outdoor entertainment? You can create different spaces for different uses in your landscape using strategic plantations and harsh landscapes. Walkways can be used to move people from one area to another.

It is important to make sure that trees are planted correctly, that shrubs are pruned at the right time, and that flower beds bloom. When driving through the countryside, you may notice how much more “finished” the fenced properties look. Add established trees and buildings, and take a look at the path of the sun over your property to allow for proper growth of plants that love sun or shade.

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