What Color Flowers Attract Home Buyers?

The bright, cheerful yellow flowers have a youthful energy, making them a great choice for home sellers looking to appeal to millennial buyers. Do you want to add vibrant color to your exterior appeal? Then azaleas are a fantastic option. It entices shoppers with the promise of beautiful spring flowers that a row of azaleas can provide. Just make sure to place this typically hardy plant in an area with filtered sunlight.

A place that gets some shade in the morning or afternoon will also work well. The best part about this plant is that it tends to be a very economical and versatile way to improve the landscape of your home. Your lilies and daylilies were beautiful at the beginning of the year. Their Hostas kept their house looking green all summer long. But now all you have left are the crumpled stems of what was once a well-designed landscape. Make your landscaping and overall home look its best by adding more color in the fall.

When your summer plants start to wilt, replace them with vibrant mums, fall edibles, or other native plants grown to look alive throughout the season. Be sure to prune trees and hedges that need to be pruned in the fall. Whites and pinks also give a sense of serenity that would be nice when selling a house. Lighter yellows, such as wheat, work well to attract buyers. Wheat looks almost buttery, but not as bright as the sunflower yellow you want to avoid.

The colorful annual flowers draw attention to the lawn and make the property look cheerful and attractive to buyers. When choosing flowers for your garden beds, look for easy-to-grow annuals, such as impatients, pansies, and petunias. These flowers require little more than regular watering and a dead head to grow large and beautiful during the growing season. Concentrate the most beautiful flowers on the garden beds near the door to draw attention to the entrance of your home. Everyone loves a little color, and adding some carefully selected flowers can add a splash of color and highlight your home. Don't overdo it with color, but use a few strategically placed planters to enhance exterior appeal.

Just as it's important to wear an attractive suit at a job interview, you should dress the outside of your home to close the deal with buyers. Because they are so easy to care for, succulents can be very attractive to first-time homebuyers. Potential buyers will swoon at the scent of this tough, heat-tolerant plant that will bring a pleasant scent to the patio and could even attract some hummingbirds. Not as common as the other plants on this list, frangipanis are a unique tree that can bring much-needed color to tropical homes. Many home sellers wondering how to enhance exterior appeal in a unique way that can show their style might consider planting flowers.

If your patio already has a path leading to the door, place it with flowers or small shrubs to keep the walkway trimmed, tidy and attractive. When choosing house numbers, make sure to choose large numbers that stand out against the color of your siding. Keep reading to see the best exterior paint colors that will increase the value of your home and make it even more sellable. Hostas love shade, and their wide variety of leaf colors, ranging from deep green to shades of cream, yellowish gold and even blue, make them the perfect companions for your trees. Plant flowers on each garden bed to brighten your garden with color and show buyers that your garden has potential.

So, even if you're fascinated or in love with smurf blue, lime green or Pepto Bismal pink, you should think about what would attract a buyer. While you can spend a lot of money on new mulch, flowers, plants, and shrubs, start with a simple effort to improve your exterior, attract buyers, and sell your home faster.

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